Highlights, interview and more from the AUDACITY portrait series

Tech Women Lagos Official Trailer

We are showing the next generation of girls and women that careers in technology are possible and diverse.

There Cannot Be Too Many Women

Nnena Nkongho encourages more women to participate and go after what they want in their careers in technology.

Getting The Job Done

Ngozi Madueke-Dozie speaks about how women shouldn’t have to choose between their careers or families, and how working in tech makes this possible.

Find What Gives You Confidence

Confidence isn’t gender specific but it does plague women more often than not. Adia Sowho finds her confidence through preparation. How do you find yours?

Creating Safe Spaces

Art Director, Damilola Marcus, discusses how creating safe spaces for women can deepen their participation in the technology industry.

Retention Is An Issue

For Dr. Yinka David West, organisations must learn that women have other responsibilities beyond work and creating environments that enable them balance life and work will keep them longer.

Technology Helps You Find Expression

“Tech keeps changing”, says Funke AlomoOluwa. She discusses the flexibility that the industry brings and how one can find expression through its many facets.

Take The Risk

Lexi Novitske urges women in Nigeria’s rapidly growing technology ecosystem to take a leap of faith with their ideas and businesses.

Show Off A Little More

Simisola Ogundowole says women need to go all out to show off their prowess a little more than they are currently doing.

There’s More Work To Be Done

For Banke Alawaye, there’s more work to be done in driving inclusion in the technology industry especially when young girls still think tech is for boys.

Cultural Stereotypes Still Limit Women

Rukayat Sadiq discuses how cultural stereotypes still hinder women and consider them to hesitate when they have opportunities to venture into the technology industry.

We Don’t See That Many Women

Representation is important, argues Tosin Faniro-Dada. It’s easier to reach for a goal one has seen attained by somebody else who looks like them.

Be A Lifelong Student

Omowale David-Ashiru says that whether you are female or male, young or old, black or white, success is attainable if you are willing to keep learning.

Improve, Improve and Improve

Mohini Ufeli says practice and research are key to developing in any given career path. But it is as important to seek and act upon constructive feedback iteratively.