The World Wide Web Foundation was established in 2009 by Sir Tim Berners-Lee to advance the open web as a public good and a basic right. We are an independent, international organisation fighting for a world where everyone can access the web and use it to improve their lives. The foundation works globally with the inventor of the World Wide Web to generate evidence, build alliances and catalyse action to achieve  change that can realise the founding vision of the web as a public good and a basic right, for everyone.

About #TechWomenAfrica

#TechWomenAfrica is the resulting network of the Africa Summit on Women and Girls in Technology,  organised by WF, A4AI and partners. Held every two years, the Summit engages high-level participants, including leading African women in technology and ICT policy, to debate policy solutions and contribute to policy processes on broadband Internet access, women’s empowerment, and sustainable development.
#TechWomenAfrica connects women’s rights advocates and policymakers with Internet rights advocates, broadband policy leaders, and leading and aspiring women technologists and innovators in Africa to create a networking platform and present a landscape of issues on women’s rights and empowerment on and through the Web.

#TechWomenAfrica is an initiative of the World Wide Web Foundation,  the Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI) and other global partners.

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