Odunayo Eweniyi

Years in Tech


Current Role

COO, PiggyVest

Core Skills

Growth Hacking, Management, Operations, Product Strategy, Microsoft Excel, Research and Marketing.

Interview Date

14th December, 2018

Odunayo Eweniyi, Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer, PiggyVest: I previously co-founded pushcv.com, one of the largest job sites in Africa with the largest database of pre-screened candidates. I have 5 years’ experience in Business Analysis and Operations; and I’m a First-Class graduate of Computer Engineering, Covenant University, Nigeria. I made the World Women in Fintech Power List for 2017 and I am a 2018 Westerwelle Young Entrepreneurs fellow.

What experiences led you to technology and how did you develop the skills to compete in the industry?

I got into the tech industry to fix the problems in labour and unemployment, but I was quite green at the time – straight out of university.

So everything I know, my skills, knowledge and capabilities were all developed on the job. Yay Google and books!

How has your background helped/differentiated you in the tech industry?

I studied Computer Engineering and I come from a family of professors and educators. What I’ve learnt and been taught is to not quit – and to stand up for what I believe in. Ever. So it can be hard, I may lose, fail even, but I never quit. And I never compromise on my value system.

But most importantly, I was brought up with a culture of listening before acting which I believe is reflected in our products today. Piggybank.ng is a product built almost exclusively off of feedback from the people who matter the most – the users. That’s one of the things that sets us apart.

What advice would you give to women considering a career in technology? What do you wish you had known?

I would just ask them to go for it. It’s your space and your industry too, and we’re privileged and honoured to be paving the way for you, so do it. For so long, women have deferred to societal norms and practices that dictate that technology is for men. It’s not. Women are doing amazing in tech, maybe even better than men. So, please come on board, follow your dreams!

I wish I’d known then what I was capable of, you know? I’ve pretty much learnt anything and everything, and honed the skills I needed by myself. When I started, I thought it was impossible, probably because there were not enough women just breaking down the barriers.

I consider it an honour to be here, in tech, doing what I’m doing today; and I desperately want to see more women and girls just come into their own.