Ire Aderinokun

Years in Tech


Current Role

Co-Founder, BuyCoins

Core Skills

Frontend Development & UI Design

Interview Date

14th December 2018

Ire Aderinokun is a self-taught Frontend Developer and User Interface Designer based in Lagos, Nigeria. She co-founded BuyCoins (YC S2018), a cryptocurrency exchange for Africa, and previously worked with eyeo, the company behind products like Adblock Plus and Flattr Plus, building open source software to make a better internet. Ire specialised in all things HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but is passionate about all aspects of technology. She has written over 100 articles on these topics on her blog,, and has spoken at conferences around Africa and the world.

What experiences led you to technology and how did you develop the skills to compete in the industry?

I used to be obsessed with this online game called Neopets, which had some very basic programming in it. Because I was so obsessed with the game, I even started developing fan sites for it, which gave me more experience with creating websites and doing graphic design work. This started when I was about 13/14, and continued for a few years but I eventually stopped building websites as much as I had more school work to do. While I was at university, I discovered computer science, andmy love was re-ignited. I decided that after I graduated from my Masters, I would give this career a shot, and it worked out!

How has your background helped/differentiated you in the tech industry?

Because I was self taught for most of my life, I never really experienced the sexism that most women do when they are just trying to get started in tech. However, once I started working in the industry, the lack of gender representationwas very apparent. I think the fact that I am a women definitely made me more “different”, but in a way I think it helped me once I was already established to have more of a voice.

What advice would you give to women considering a career in technology? What do you wish you had known?

If this is a career you really want to pursue, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough or that it’s not for you.