Adeola Shasanya

Years in Tech


Current Role

Co-founder, Afro Tech Girls

Core Skills

Developing bright ideas, executing and managing projects, mutually complementing teams to deliver key results.

Interview Date

14th December, 2018

Adeola Shasanya is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer by training with a masters degree in Renewable Energy and Clean Technology. She is a sustainable engineering and technology enthusiast. Adeola is also very passionate about empowering the young African girl child through Science, Technology, Engineering and Math( STEM) education. With Afro-Tech Girls, her awesome co-founders, amazing team and herself are working tirelessly to create a world with more female inclusion in the STEM field.

What experiences led you to technology and how did you develop the skills to compete in the industry?

Growing up, I was always found tinkering with gadgets attempting to fix them. I also loved watching science/tech themed cartoons like Dexter’s Laboratory. In school, I particularly enjoyed science and math and did very well in them. Leaving secondary school, I got mentored by a senior family friend who had just completed her degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. After winning the student prize award in Applied electricity, I had the desire to further my knowledge by studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Studying Engineering enabled me to appreciate technology. Although I am not a coder, I have gained work experience in project management and consulting in both engineering and technology having interned in companies like Accenture.

How has your background helped/differentiated you in the tech industry?

Being raised by a strong woman, I was taught never to take no for an answer especially when it came to following my dreams or pursuing my ambition in whatever I set my heart to do. I have taken this same mindset in developing my career as an engineer and also as an entrepreneur in the non-profit space. I have faced a lot of challenges and instead of giving up at the slightest chance, I have taken them to be lessons to be learnt and avenues to develop myself as a young, vibrant and resilient professional.

What advice would you give to women considering a career in technology? What do you wish you had known?

I will say to do your research, ask a lot questions, find out what you like and become the best at it. Surround yourself with people who support you; peers, family and mentors. I also advise that you learn as much as you can. The internet is such an amazing learning tool! Associate yourself with people of similar interests so you can develop one another as you grow.Be your biggest cheerleader and always believe in yourself.

I wish I was a bit more open minded when I was in university and I wish I explored other sides of technology like coding, robotics etc by going beyond what I learned in the classroom.

Any other thoughts on women in technology?

I believe it is very encouraging that women in technology are being recognised and other ladies and young girls are being motivated to join the technology scene. I would really like to see some more women rise to hold key positions in the tech scene and also create work environments that are enabling for women to thrive. I would also like to see more women in tech mentor young girls specifically interested in tech, so they can develop their skills, learn from their mistakes and help build the necessary key competencies required to make them succeed in their careers.